JODY!(1)Sweet Aesthetician ‎Jody Parlier has changed how I “see” myself with skin care taken to a whole new level….
She recommended the Radiance Peel‎ with Rhonda Allison Products to brighten and refresh my winter blah skin.

‎After cleansing, Jody brushed a cell conditioner on my face which prevents the loss of skin elastin fibers.‎ ‎The tingling sensation of the bromelin enzyme and salicylic acid concoction “told” me that it was working overtime!
 Turns out the actual hibiscus peel increases cellular turnover; it is both anti bacterial and antiseptic, and penetrates on a cellular level.

Next, my skin was infused‎ with the soothing anti-inflammatory and healing properties of arnica therapy, and then ‎an application of Daytime Defense.  All I can say is…
Jody, thank YOU for bringing my skin back to life! xoxo

Jody ‎Parlier. Lifetime Fitness Premier Place. Rhonda Allison Radiance Peel $90.00 (Jody is newer to the salon, so her facials are seventy-five dollars, as opposed to one hundred and ten dollars).